Isn’t she lovely …

Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she beau-tiful …

go the words of THAT song.

But it sums up how I feel about my 2014 race bike. Weighing in at 8.38kg with pedals and bottle cage, I now face the challenge of losing 380g to reach my goal of a sub 8kg 29’er.

The addition of new tyres that are waiting at the Post Office for us to return to Brandbu, will shed 200g but the final 180g will be hard. Of course, I could just weigh her without pedals (because that’s what all the top brands do), but that would be cheating. FYI without pedals she weighs in at 7.96kg once the new tyres are factored in.


Brake hose cut and threaded through frame - a big learning curve

Brake hose cut and threaded through frame – a big learning curve

I built this bike. From choosing the parts, to cutting the gear cables to exactly the shortest length I can get away with, from cutting forks to shortening brake hosing. But it’s not the final project that is so precious, moreover the things you don’t see; the perfectly greased and aligned bb30 clips that hold the bearings, the precisely level fork steerer tube, and the exact same pull on the brake levers that cause the pistons to slide out completely in sync.

The complete beauty!

The complete beauty!

I had some help along the way; Tore, my trusty guide and ‘bike+hammer’ expert! Under his watchful eye I put her together. I think he even felt as passionately about the build as I did, especially when I was let loose with the lathe to have a smooth cut at the end of the gear cable housing. Admittedly he did find it hysterical when after 30 mins of painstaking trimming removing 5mm chunks, I went 3mm too far and had to start over!

XX1 - the love of my life. Sorry HJ!

XX1 – the love of my life. Sorry HJ!

I tested the bike in terrain last week at the Danish training camp, and was exceptionally impressed. Instant acceleration, no lag feeling or tyre friction, perfect gear changes. I just need to make a few small adjustments to the overall fit, and she will be absolutely perfect. I can not wait to get racing at the World Cup rounds now.

The Spec

Frame – Diamant 29 LTD
Wheels – Stans Race Gold
Forks – Rockshox Sid World Cup
Crank – XX1 170mm Q158
Derailleur – XX1
Cassette – XX1
Chain – XX1
Freehub – Stans XX1
Shifter – XX1 trigger shift
Brakes – Formula R1
Discs – Alligator 160mm
Handlebars – Answer Pro Taper flat carbon 660mm
Stem – C4 70mm
Seatpost – Woodman carbon (cut to size)
Saddle – C4 carbon
Pedals – Xpedo M-Force 8 Ti

The only things I haven’t listed here are the screws, bottom bracket, and quick releases!

Enjoying the last of the sunshine.

Enjoying the last of the sunshine.

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