What is Ski Orienteering?

Ski Orienteering (SkiO) combines orienteering with cross country ski racing, adding a thinking component to a pure horse-power event. The athlete gets his map at the start of the race, and the controls to be visited are marked on the map. The order to be visited is shown on the map, but the athlete has to find his own best route to each one. The course is designed so that the athlete can always ski on trails, but it is also possible to take short-cuts through the woods. Read more about the sport

Ski Orienteering is in rapid development and every year new nations are established as Ski Orienteering nations. Today more than 30 countries participate in IOF Ski Orienteering events. Ski Orienteering has for a long time tried to become an Olympic sport, but has not yet succeeded. With the technological development it is now easier to make a good TV production out of Ski Orienteering, which gives hope that Ski Orienteering soon can get into the Olympic programme.

Want to see more what Ski Orienteering is? Have a look at some of the videos we’ve collected.

As a guide to new athletes and coaches in Ski Orienteering Hans Jørgen has written a training handbook for the IOF. It might also be that both young and established athletes can find some inspiration and tips for technical training here.