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Crash course in MTBO!

Sunday 28th May Without warning I found myself 6 days away from the first round of the MTBO World Cup. The first part of the season had been a combination of average, sickness, and beyond expectation – far from a smooth … Continue reading

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From sea to pizza – a fat bikepacking adventure

Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz. Bzz…. It’s still dark outside as I groggily roll over to turn off the alarm. 4am in fact. In an hour the sky will begin to redden over Hvalebykampen, but for now the stars still shine brightly. On … Continue reading

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Fatbike Packing – Oslo to Gjøvik – first steps!

I was asked in an interview a few years ago if I’d ever try bike packing, or long distance races. Up until that moment, I hadn’t really considered it. Bike packing was just something that existed, but hadn’t really made … Continue reading

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Route to Gold

My route to winning the World Champs was far from smooth. Along the way, I took wrong turns, made mistakes and lost concentration. The overall experience has made the taste of gold so much sweeter, but it’s a journey I … Continue reading

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French World Cup choices.

I’m not going to write much about my performances in France for the first round of the IOF World Cup. Although satisfied with the results (double gold) my performances were nothing special – but that seems to be becoming my norm! … Continue reading

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Life, changes, and new challenges

My life is very much in a different place to where it was 1 year ago. HJ and I are engaged, but not living together (while he’s studying abroad). HJ retired, and I’m now riding for Cannondale Girls. I was … Continue reading

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Riding in dizzying circles and endless corners!

Round three of the Merida Brass Monkeys was originally due to be held the first Sunday after New Year. Due to several huge deluges of rain, pretty much all of the UK was flooded, and those areas that weren’t flooded … Continue reading

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Soggy Bottom Winter Series

This was an aptly named race. Soggy Bottom XC Winter Series. I got the soggy bum and pretty much soggy everything else too! A bit like a day at the beach I suppose. Mud everywhere: ears, nose, between my toes, … Continue reading

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Fun and pain – NorgesCup rds 5&6

Kristiansand. Arendal. They sound exotic, southern and tropical. Only two of those were true on a November morning in Norway.

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Norges Cup CX rds 3&4

Last weekend played host to rounds 3&4 of the Norwegian Cup in Cyclocross, held in Tønsberg and Skien. I had had a few interval sessions before these races, and had felt myself improving/getting back to my normal shape – rather … Continue reading

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