The season begins … or does it?

The alarms are set and the van is packed for our 0415 departure tomorrow morning. The Larvik-Hirtshals boat won’t wait for us, and with enough experience to last a lifetime with missing ferries, we are making sure we arrive on time and in the right place!

Out destination? Denmark. More specifically, Hantsholm on the north west coast. Our accommodation for 5 days? A 10x10m hut … about a 1/5 of the size of our bike shed. That’ll be cosy. Even more so with HJ exploding into coughing fits that alter the air pressure in the immediate vicinity and with me a snotty mess.

Yep, we’re sick. Again. For HJ a 3 min running race turned into bad post-I-pushed-my-limit-too-far cough and then later a cold. For me, just the bad luck to share a bed with him. On Monday evening, I already felt ‘the signs’. Today, I feel like a coughing, sore throaty, sniffing mess that can only lie down wrapped up in blankets and tissues (and my feel-better Pepsi Max and Kvikk Lunsj (the big bar)).

This came on rapidly, and seems to be progressing quickly, so I’m hopeful it will f-off promptly. The timing couldn’t be worse. With the Denmark TC starting tomorrow night, I’m not even sure what or how much I will do. And the World Cup starts in 2 weeks.

I’m a here-and-now type person. Not spontaneous in the least, but today matters, and missing training today creates a spectrum of emotions. From the ‘I-haven’t-had-a-rest-day-in-4-weeks-and-could-use-it’ to the ‘OMG-this-is-the-end-of-the-world,-the-season-is-ruined,-I-may-as-well-give-up-now’. Then there’s the fear that my planned 22hr week will become 19hrs. Which is replaced by a new plan to make it up when I remember I under-planned my Denmark TC training so as not to build excessive fatigue before the prep for EOC starts.

Being a here-and-now person, I’m desperate to get racing with a map. I often fail to see the end goal. Who cares if I only take a mid-field place in the Denmark ‘races’ because I have to ride in lower HR zones? Apart from me, no-one … And I only care because I want to start seeking those great races where everything comes together. But I probably shouldn’t care too much. It is, after all, the season opening TRAINING CAMP. Not racing camp, but training. By going easy, I’ll hide my form for two weeks time!! My shape is good already, and follows the pattern of previous years; start the season in the form of my peak from the season before.

But I did manage to get in a fun training session on Monday while still feeling in good health. I kept it steady as it was a 3hour session, and 30km straight line distance (which ended near 50km by the end). The map is one I have put together, from various maps we have in our arsenal after hosting several club training sessions and drawing the Jevnaker stolpejakt map, and joined by me. Only I got bored after a while and just coloured those areas I couldn’t be bothered to trace from Google Maps with grey!

Part one of my MTBO training

Part two

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