On the mend at last

I wrote a couple of weeks ago, about an illness I picked up. I stopped training immediately because my body felt so lethargic. A day later I was hacking up my lungs in coughing fits that left me gasping for air. Such was the violence of the coughing fits, that I found myself running to the bathroom for 4 days mid cough, as I was close to vomiting. At least it gave my stomach muscles a good work out.

I kept saying to myself that I would ‘feel better tomorrow’, but the first 5 days were spent just lying on the sofa. My body hurt too, which made me uncomfortable. Not the influenza ‘I’m going to die’ type hurt, but a mild aching everywhere.

This illness went straight to my lungs. My only clue was a painful burning I felt in my lungs the day before I actually felt ill. The next day began what would turn out to be a 10 day illness, full of coughing. The cold itself didn’t materialise until day 5, but by then the worst of the coughing was starting to subside. Then I had to deal with snot for 3 days! (Actually the cold came and went really quickly, but I’m still suffering the after effects of what caused my lungs to react so violently).

Given how bad I was during the first week, even though I felt well enough to train on day 8, I held off until day 10. I walked a lot on days 8 and 9 though, as I have to finish my map surveys before my trip to England this weekend. Walking in the sun was good for me and my brain, and told me that I still wasn’t really well enough to do any constructive training. Every now and again I would be hit with a coughing fit. Not to mention my super reactive HR to walking up hill.

I’ve now been back training for 4 days, keeping the intensity easy and the hours low. It’s hard trying to train for just 2 hours a day when I’m used to at least double, but I don’t want to be the athlete that trains too early after being sick and then ends up having to take months off. I also still have a lot of work to do, so I’m able to occupy myself and stay distracted from ‘need to train’ thoughts.

Today is the first day my lungs haven’t been bubbling when I cough. Now I know I will be ok in the coming week. At the weekend I have a XC race in England, which I’m really looking forward. I want to be well enough to race there sensibly. But if I don’t feel up to the flat out race, then I will still ride but at a more sedate pace.

It sucks to be sick for so long. But mentally, I feel recovered from my winter training. Sure, I’ve lost more than 40 hours in two weeks, not to mention the final endurance month of the training. It could be a lot worse though. I’m grateful I read the signs early and backed right off when I knew it wasn’t good to train.

As of Monday, it will be back to the full swing of training. And I can’t wait!

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