ESOC Sprint

Today was the seasons first international race, European Championships in sprint. The organiser had done an amazing job putting on a great event just some days after it was “no” snow in the terrain.

Sprinting to the finish line. Photo: Organisers

Sprinting to the finish line. Photo: Organisers

I was very excited for the first race of the season and have the last days felt good, so I was ready to sprint out of the start. But it turned out I maybe was a bit too eager and stressed a lot the first controls. After some better controls I did my first mistake when I took a crossing I had not read on the map and ended being the first to take this route today. A couple of controls later I was sure the control I passed had to be the women’s control because I had not seen the last crossing and continued on my way out of the map on a not mapped snowshoe trail. As the speed was high, it took a while for me to discover the mistake, stop and turn around.

The 2nd half of the race was a bit different with higher speed and less technical orienteering. I managed to get myself together here and had 2nd best time on the last half of the course, only beaten by the amazing finish of Stanimir Belomazhev, which also gave him a very impressive victory in todays race. 2nd place went to Øyvind Watterdal and 3rd Andrey Lamov.

Results Sprint

Great courses and competition held by the Swiss organisers. I’m looking forward to more!


Now it is just to charge the batteries and be ready for the next race. I am not going to race tomorrows long distance, but I will hopefully be on the start line for the sprint relay.

European Championship webpage



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