Welcome to 2015

Although 2015 started, according to the Gregorian calender, 7 days ago, to me it began 3 months ago on October 1st (or whichever date fell on the Monday of that week). Already, I was looking forward to 2015, planning training, racing, travelling and turning my thoughts to the challenges ahead.

3 months down the line, and 2015 is actually here. Bringing with it a stark realisation that the World Championships are just 7 months away. Luckily, there are still 7 training cycles in that time, which leaves 7 months for improvement! After just 3 months of working on my weaknesses, I’ve made some good progress. Primarily focussing on core strength with bike related movement and control, I’ve seen this training translate well into technical skill on the trails. Better body control, better balance, more power. There’s a long way to go, but the direction is good.

A fun descent. Fatbiking has given me a lot more confidence in these hard, maybe icy conditions. Photo from mbkphotos.co.uk

More attacking, more speed! Photo from mbkphotos.co.uk

The plan for 2015 is focussed on the World Championships in the middle of August in Czech Republic. Unlike last year, I don’t plan to focus on every World Cup race, instead, choosing races to attack based on timing and relevance to the final goal. With this in mind, the first World Cup in Hungary is a big question mark. It’s a ‘long’ way and expensive for just two races. I am disappointed the sprint race was dropped from the programme in place of a Mixed Relay. The decision is yet to be made, but it will greatly depend on finance I believe.

2015 is already off to a good start, winning the Merida Brass Monkey’s final round at the weekend. A tough and hilly course with short but steep climbs and small pockets of riding that required a bit of skill to negotiate. My winning margin was better than the same period last year against the same riders, and I even had enough speed to bag the fastest women’s lap by 15 seconds. It should have been more, but without a course map, I got lost! 😉



Next up this coming weekend is the Unofficial Norwegian Championships in Fatbiking! At Lygna ski center just 10 mins from home. There are just 5 women entered so far, but fatbikes are yet to make it out of the ‘Bike Geek’ market, hence the limited start field! I am not sure (since the event is unofficial) if there will be a Norwegian Champion jersey up for grabs.

After that I have a break from racing for 2 months before a (hopeful) trip to England in March for two more XCO races and a triple header MTBO weekend at Gisburn forest (up north). Fingers crossed my new races bikes are here before the trip so I can get some good testing on them! If not, it’s just to wait until the Denmark Training Camp in mid April … so far, I’m up to two consecutive wins, but will it be three?

Then, a trip to Falun for the most awesome Xmas present ever! Four days full of bikes, training, coaching and Sweden’s top XCO/XCE athletes 🙂 To say I’m excited is a massive understatement!!!

Pedal, pedal harder, and then 'just ... keep ... pedalling'

Pedal, pedal harder, and then ‘just … keep … pedalling’

Once May hits, the World Cup season is upon us. Firstly, the Hungarian races. Later in the month a variety of other events are being loaded into the calendar, but the firm races for us are not yet decided. June bring the European Champs in Portugal, before Pilsen 5-days and O-Ringen in July. The season concludes with the World Championships in Czech Republic in mid August.

2014 brought at lot of success for Hans Jørgen and I. It would be amazing to replicate that again in 2015, just without the broken ski’s, mispunches, punctures, crashes and headless chicken moments!

With the close of 2014, I must take a moment to thank our wonderful sponsors for their support during the year. You can find them all on our homepage, but without their help and support, we would have struggled to make last year the incredible adventure it was. We find ourselves in an incredible position where we are able to train hard and achieve great results, thanks to those who believe and share our dreams and goals. Thank You.



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