First SkiO race

Finally we have SkiO tracks! The SkiO season has been a bit delayed this year due to the snow situation in Scandinavia. But luckily last weekend it came enough snow and this week my coach Erlend Slokvik has prepared us a track network at Sjusjøen. Yesterday we did intervalls and today we had a test race with a Sprint and Chasing start. We were only 3 guys to start today, but on the other hand the level was rather high with the participants ranked as nr 2, 3 and 6 in the World Ranking.

My orienteering is still a bit rusty, but I can feel that every minute in this very challenging track network improves my flow. Below you can see the maps from todays race:



Chasing start 1

Chasing start 2

We are now looking forward to the coming weeks with ski orienteering. As you can see the preparations is going really well for the upcoming world championships in Hamar!


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