The first o-technical session on snow – In September!!

The last two weeks I have been in the Belmeken. Belmeken is situated in the Bulgarian mountains Rila, and is at 2000 meter above sea level. With excellent facilities for hiking and running in the mountains, roller ski possibilities for mountain climbs, flat and even a roller ski track this is the perfect place to prepare for the coming SkiO season with the World Championships in Norway. There are quite a few Ski Orienteers here now. I travel with Lars Moholdt and Tiia Tallila (FIN) while Stanimir and Ivan Belomazhev (BUL) are our hosts. My brother Bjørnar was also here the first days. As it turns out even Daisy Kudre (EST) and Anastasia Svir (RUS) are here as well.

Yesterday we woke up a bit shocked seeing that it had snowed 10cm over night! But we made the best out of it with 2,5 hour running in the snow in the morning. I can say I am not looking less forward to the winter when I finally can feel the white stuff again. It was quite warm during the day and in the second training it was no problem to roller ski on completely dry asphalt just 10 minutes from the hotel.

Snowy morning in Belmeken

Snowy morning in Belmeken


But only 10 minutes away it was still summer

For todays morning session we had planned intervals. Since the snow was not going to melt over night we decided to take advantage of this and get the first technical session on snow this year. Thanks to Valtentin Garkov and Plamen Nedyalkov you can see the result below.

One of the first intervals we made. Press the thumbnail to see the whole map.

Another of the intervals

Here you can see all the courses

Maximum HR: 191 (95,5%)
Mistakes: 1 – 15 seconds

WP_20140928_002 2

As you can see things are looking god for the coming season already in September! The sun here is warm, so tomorrow we will be back in shorts and t-shirts on roller skies.

SkiO greetings from Bulgaria, HJ

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