World Champion (better late than never)

I am sorry for this extremely late blog, but to be fair, I am not sure if I have realised before now what happened that tuesday in Poland either. It was a crazy day with heavy rain all morning. The terrain were extremely technical already and mixed with all the rain it became a mud bath where you at the same time as navigating had to handling  your bike when it slided from side to side in the tracks and use exactly the right amount of power in the pedals to avoid the wheel spinning. But as it turned out, this fitted me really well!

I made a great race resulting in World Champion gold medal! Crazy but very fun 🙂

Sprint map with route. Press the thumbnail to see the whole map and analysis

S-1: Good control, ok speed and just getting into the map, deciding for RC to 3rd control.
1-2: Easy leg, just to look the right direction and deciding which control was mine
2-3: Deciding for the easier leg around the left side instead of going thorugh the tecnical in the middle. Were able to keep high speed fown from the bridge and through the forest. The stream and the track next to it was a bit small for me to recognize, but I realised at once I passed it and took took the control easily from behind.
3-4: Knew the way out of the control since I came in this way and knew the shortut going straight to my control. It was like a skiO shortcut.
4-5:Deciding to take the wider track through the in these muddy conditions. Nice shortcut out of the control.
5-6:Shortcutted out of the control, and after that it was just about being accurate in the junctions and reading the next legs
6-7: Taking the nice bend on the track which were a safe choise to the 7th control
7-8: Took the slightly more technical route choice. Lost a bit of control since I had read the control were going to be before the junction but found it nicely
8-9: Were confused with the control placing (which I see now was correctly). Ended up taking the longer RC sig-sagging to the control. Got the control back quickly, but think the taking a longer shortcut on the right would have been quicker
9-10: Avoided the tracks with the most fallen trees and were accurate to take the right track/shortcut to the control
10-11: Easy enough leg, taking the motorway shortcut into the control.
11-12: Kept control of the map and shortcutted into the control
12-13: Again just about checking of every junction
13-14: Took the easier and high speed RC aroudn the left. Were accurate to take the right track into the control
14-15: Another motorway shortcut straight to the control. Would probably have been better if the Course setter had a bit longer leg in here so you couldnt see the 15th control from 14.
15-16: Took the safe, easy and high speed RC on the fast track on the left. Had not read that the control were going to be on the dotted path and had to turn in the junction when I saw the control to my right.
16-17: Mistake of the day. Took the faster and on the map easier route to the left. Missed firstly the junction when taking of from the fast path, returned and were a bit stressed. Tookin the open area right before the control a shortcut I thought were the path into the control. Realised quite fast but lost 20 seconds.
17-18: Easy leg, using the houses to control I took the right path to the control.
18-19: Took the fast asfalted track next to the road. Nice with a variation from the mud bath, but it also ment a high risk for missing the junction. Were very accurate and found the right path leading to the control.
19-20: Very slippy path out of 19. Easy RC to decide to go right. Missed the first path in the roundabout, but dont think I lost any time.
20-21. Saw the RC as 50-50. Had hoped to see any shortcut possibilities on the way into 20, but it was not good enough. Decided to return where I knew exactly were the junction would be. Didn’t want to ride the stairs down in the wet conditions so took the fast ramp down.
21-F: Maximum speed with very good control on all legs. Tried to focus far in front of myself and find the features I was looking for to navigate

Sprinting into World Champion gold :)

Sprinting into World Champion gold 🙂

It was a crazy race with so many controls out in the rain and mud. I was from the very start extremely calm and non of the minor errors or confusions during the course made me lose my concentration. In the finish I ended on exactly the same time as another great navigator, Anton Foliforov, and we could together share the gold medal.

Winners of the mud race. Shared gold with Anton Foliforov (RUS)

Winners of the mud race. Shared gold with Anton Foliforov (RUS)

In the middle distance I lost a lot of time in the first easy parts, but rode very well in the technical last part before I had a mechanical problem with a stick in the end where I lost 40 seconds. This resulted in a 7th position.

Middle distance map and route

The long race wasn’t that good, or to be fair not good at all. I made a BIG mistake to the 2nd control which costed me 2 minutes. Later on in the course I lost two controls. One of them I realised and took later on. The 2nd one I never realised and ended disqualified.

Tired and unmotivated after a hard and unsuccessfull long distance

Tired and unmotivated after a hard and unsuccessfull long distance

Long distance map with catastrophe route


A great week for BenhamKvåle in Poland. Gold, Siler and Bronze

After the World Championships in Poland I have now full focus on the World Championships in SkiO in Norway the coming winter. I have already been on a very good technical camp with Dala Sports Academy in Uppsala and now I’m at high altitude camp in Bulgaria to build a strong base for the winter. The goal is very simpel, that there shall be more people singing along on the national anthem when I stand on the top of the podium in Norway than it was in Poland!


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