World Cup Final standings (unofficial)

(Small updates in the womens result 28.8 16:09. Wrong calculations gives now Martina 198 points, and because of Ingrids victory in Sweden Olga get 4th place, Ingrid 5th and Martina 6th)

These are unofficial provisional standings, but since the IOF ranking page hasn’t been updated at all this week, we have calculated the top results. There may be some changes, but we think we calculated the scores correctly and hopefully haven’t missed anyone!

Men Elite

Anton Foliforov 300 points
Ruslan Gritsan 223 points
Jiri Hradil 211 points
Lauri Malsroos 210 points
Hans Jørgen Kvåle 209 points
Pekka Niemi 201 points

Hans Jørgen lost second overall with his DSQ in the sprint in Denmark. His second place there would have taken him to 229 points …

Women Elite

Emily Benham 280 points
Marika Hara 265 points
Svetlana Poverina 211 points
Olga Vinogradova 203 points
Ingrid Stengard 198 points
Martina Tichovska 198 points

Today’s race could have been decisive. Marika needed a victory to equal my score, but, based on the IOF rules, our three victories and two second places wouldn’t have separated us in finding a winner. Thus, if MH had won today, she would also have won overall.

Since HJ and I have been together we have had a little MTBO/Ski-O competition. Each year we have to try to better each others World Cup overall results. In 2011 I was too far down to be competitive and again in 2012. HJ was 5th in Ski-O in 2012. In 2013 I set out to beat him and finished 4th. He then beat me this year by taking silver. My job for the year was simple. To win the overall title. So HJ, the challenge is set … can you win in 2015?

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