Silver in WOC Middle

I was only able to improve my position by one place today. Silver. I had a good race; clean and stable. I finished feeling happy. I couldn’t have done much more. While I was out racing, I never felt that I was biking fast but I was unable to actually go faster. It was a strange situation. I was able to stay in control. No mistakes. So from that respect it was a good, solid race.

Maybe I was too much in control? Maybe my legs were a little too fatigued? Maybe I didn’t want it enough?

Sprinting for the finish. Photo from N.Benham

Sprinting for the finish. Photo from N.Benham

I made a small mistake to the second control. I had planned to take the southern route as it was a bit shorter, but I didn’t appreciate that I had to cross the first track and then turn left after some metres. I turned left on the first track, but realised after some pedal strokes. By then, turning back would have cost me seconds, so I carried on. I was 15 seconds back on this leg, so I didn’t lose much time, but it was enough.

Through the technical section I was always in two places; my current position and current leg, and planning the next leg. The criss crossed extensively and riding the bumpy tracks in the technical network made map reading really hard. I didn’t take my planned shortcut to the 8th control as the forest was thicker and there was no distinct passage through the trees, but then passed the junction to the southern entrance to the control and ended up shortcutting through some green. I lost 30 seconds. Even though there was no mistake, it was a significant time loss.

At the end, I was happy, but thought it was possible to be faster. Only Cecilia Thomasson SWE could do it and by 34 seconds after a close to perfect race. There’s everything to fight for in the long now …

I got to spend some time with my parents today which was really nice. They enjoyed the day and loved the atmosphere at the event. It’s great they decided to come to Poland; they’re getting increasingly adventurous!

My parents enjoying their day watching the racing!

My parents enjoying their day watching the racing!


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