Maps from the training camp

We have been in Bialystok for some days now, riding on the maps provided by the pre WOC training camp. There have been SI units out each day, but unfortunately the maps are not always representative of the terrain. I believe they are old maps, some years out of date, so at times we are hunting around bramble and nettle ridden forests searching for a difficult track, that is no more than a small gap in the trees. On the other hand, some of the difficult tracks are very fast, while the medium riding varies greatly! Considering how many athletes are here on the camp paying 10Euro per map, I am very surprised the maps were not updated … You can see the maps from the first 3 days of the camp below.

Our overall impression of the terrain here, is very good. The tracks are rideable and fun, and a good deal of speed can be built up if one is able to use the trail to do so. In places they are a little overgrown and Team USA thought they might die from the nettle stings!

Day 1 training on Suprasl east. Nice forest, with generally good rideability. Some map updates have been made by me.

Day 2 training on Suprasl West. Some controls not out when we started, so I doubted my position in the south west corner. GPS shows I was right the first time

Day 3. Maximum bike speed intervals. Mass start gaffled between HJ and I. Courses were made easy to allow for max speed. Excellent session.

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