Time Trial in Livigno

In the absence of returning to Norway before WOC to race my TT route, HJ and I created one here in Livigno. Many MTBO’ers are either currently here, or were here sometime this year. Feel free to use the route to test yourselves, but make sure to post your time as a comment to this post. In MTBO we rarely get the chance to have a head-to-head race, and perhaps this is a nice opportunity to see who is really fastest!

The route starts at the end of the road where the gravel path takes off, just before the steep hill down to a bridge and the bottom of the Mottolino Bike Park. On the DOMA map, it’s the northern most GPS point. There is a pillar in the middle of the path, this is the start line.

The route then has a small road climb all the way to the Larix Rope Park, before following the singletrack past Bait di Rez, Tea da li Tea and Pont da l’Al (basically just ride south as fast as you can!). The route is fun, with many small ups and downs and a little bit of technical riding. On the whole it’s fast.

DOMA map of TT Livigno. Ridden from north to south.

The trail comes really close to the road after about 24 minutes (of 31), and after a short climb, the route then joins a wide gravel track. Take a left up the hill and around a couple of sharp corners, over the bridge and then it’s on the final few minutes. The time trial stops when you reach the wooden bridge crossing the river at the top of the valley. If you cross the bridge you come to a farm. (the GPS track stops in the wrong place here, the finish is the point where the track turns and meets two small paths, which is also at the river crossing).

While I have no previous reference time to say whether I am faster or slower, this route will be useful in coming years. I was some 4 minutes behind HJ. We discussed it on the ride back and realised I had used my training bike, which accounts for at least a minute slower per 30 minutes. HJ has now been training well for just over a month, so he had more to gain in speed now we are able to focus fully on training. The last time trial in Norway was in the midst of working on the house so he wasn’t always able to train as he wanted. My time of 30.55 is probably a fair reflection on my speed and skill at the moment. HJ’s time was 27.05.

It seems my speed is good at the moment. I look forward to racing in Poland and seeing what I can do there.

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