WOC Sprint in Venice

The FootO World Championships is in full swing in northern Italy this week. The sprint distance was an epic race in the middle of Venice last Saturday. Have a look at the TV broadcasting at NRK (just working in Norway I guess).

A lot of the athletes did big mistakes in the challenging corridors between the houses. When I had a quick look on the map I found it very similar to how we navigate in SkiO and MTBO, and maybe less normal for the Foot Orienteers. Also the penalty for losing the concentration for a second and running wrong in a junction without being able to “shortcut” back to your original plan makes this very similar to the two faster disciplines. I thought it should be interesting to see what the course would look like the “SkiO way” and made a map of it:

The WOC Sprint in Venice 2014 the "SkiO way"

The WOC Sprint in Venice 2014 the “SkiO way”

See the original map.

Follow todays sprint relay from 17.30 CET. NRK web TV /HJ

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