Elverum MTBO maps – Friday training

Today, I took a day trip to Elverum by myself. Hans Jørgen had left at 5am to go to the foot-o relay in Finland. With a 2 hr drive in each direction, and two sessions planned, it was to be a long day. But with our Caddy van, a sleeping bag and a pillow, I could rest nicely between the sessions.

The first session was a prologue course and then a final. The goal was just to have better orienteering than last Sunday, and to try to be as smooth as possible. In Denmark I felt my orienteering was lagging behind my bike speed, so the MTBO sessions this last week have been aimed at being more technical than normal, to boost my orienteering up again.

The second session (not yet published as DOMA not working), was another of HJ’s special trainings, with different challenges and two long corridors. I found some extra paths today and some missing ones, so now I can update the map to make it more accurate for next time.

On the whole the first session was mistake free, so a considerable improvement in a week. Possibly some better route choices could have been taken in places, but I had good control of my head and only got my direction confused on the way to 10 in the final. It’s the missing paths that cause the most problems!

Unfortunately the sessions were a little shorter in time than planned, as the ‘injury’ I’ve had since just before Denmark World Cup, became much worse on Wednesday so I had to stop a race half way. I think I’ve finally managed to work out the problem so I can take steps to improve it again. I’ve managed to keep my training volume throughout the last month, but a small reduction in training now will help it’s recovery, so it’s all good for Sweden.

Elverum Prologue – Session 1, Part 1

Elverum Final – Session 1, Part 2

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