World Cup Round 1, Denmark

The first round of the MTBO World Cup is fast approaching. For Team BenhamKvåle, it’s just a 5 hour drive and a short ferry trip to Helsingør, so it feels almost like a home World Cup.

Hans Jørgen is just starting to get back into the swing of biking now the snow has (almost) gone. It’s May, and Norway doesn’t seem to understand this. A light dusting of snow on the hill tops this morning. We have to collect his bike this weekend, as it sustained ‘a non-shoe related injury’ a few weeks ago, and needed stitches.

I am starting to surface after a winter of good training. No injuries to speak of, or illness further than a 3-day cold. My power is already improving since Wednesday and I took a new PB in intervals this morning (but that might be the wheels/tyres …). I am super excited to race now, and to ride my beautiful bike around some fab forests.

Our BenhamKvåle jerseys arrived today from Trimtex. We are very lucky to have been able to get these, and Trimtex have bent over backwards (despite being really busy) to ensure we had the jerseys in time for the World Cup. The shorts and rest of the kit arrive next week, but we will already have left by then, as we leave Tuesday morning.

The World Cup weekend starts with the sprint on Friday around Forskerparken, Horsholm, and concludes for us on Saturday with the long mass start at Teglstrup Hegn. I’m really excited for the mass start race and it’s been something I’ve been preparing for in training. I’ve done a handful of mass start races in the past, taking 22nd (2009), 7th (2010), 25th? (2011) and 10th (2013), but I’ve never been struck by them. Probably a combination of various attitudes around the orienteering world (just follow the train, no navigation, too fast, blah, blah, blah) and my own mix of experience and lack of fitness/speed to keep up. This year I feel very different mentally, and can’t wait for the start gun to go off … GO!

Sunday is a mixed relay, but sadly there are only 2 GB athletes and therefore not enough for a team. If the Denmark organisers are willing, I know a handy Norwegian who we can team up with, for a non-comp team. But otherwise, it’s likely to just be the open race for Team BenhamKvåle.

See you there!

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