District champion sprint

Early yesterday morning I went with Emily and Erik Frost to Gjøvik for some urban MTBO intervals. Straight from Gjøvik we went to Lena for the district championship in sprint orienteering. Arrived at 11.00 and made it to the start at 11.22. I found a good flow from the beginning and felt I managed to have a good speed with total control. Made a minor error to the 8th control and not sure about the route choice to the 2nd last. Anyway a nice experience that ended with a gold medal.

Map with HJs route choices. Press the thumbnail to see the whole map.

It is a very fun experience to do sprint orienteering. A bit slower than what I am used to with MTBO urban sprints, but still very challenging with my hearth beating at maximal for half the course. I had hoped to be able to take part at the Norwegian Championships in sprint in two weeks, but after it was decided that the sprint relay (that are held the day after the sprint) were going to be held after the international program, with mixed genders, Hadeland OL were not able to enter any team any more. We had hoped to enter 2 or more teams if it had been a gender separated relay, but now that was not possible. And since this is quite a distance from Hadeland, no members of the club is going to take part this year. Let’s hope that will change for next season.



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