New Race Bike!

(Emily posting from HJ’s account as mine doesn’t want to play fair at the moment)

It is well known that this year I decided to build my own race bike. Aiming for sub-8kg is  hard (and expensive). But after struggling to source the parts I wanted, I have given a lot of consideration to a new type of bike that will make me faster for the same amount of effort. I felt my 29’er last year was a little too big for me, so I used the frame I got in February to build a training 29’er which I have been using for the last week around Norway.

Sammy Slick Tyres will provide grip and low rolling resistance.

When I was in England recently, I tested a cyclocross bike and was impressed with it’s speed, especially in mud (and sand that we will encounter this year). With a more aerodynamic position, and the new Sram CX1, I felt this type of bike will certainly help me towards better performances.

Over the last weeks I have been sourcing parts for a cyclocross bike that I will use as my race bike in all races this year apart from the Denmark Training Camp (I don’t want you all to ogle over it just yet!).

Needless to say, it’s a lot lighter than a mountain bike. I am still missing pedals and a saddle but I hope to know the final weight in the coming days. Part of the reason behind this decision was that I wanted fully rigid forks. I spoke with a few of the MTBO guys who rode without front suspension this year, and they pretty much said it’s the best thing since sliced bread. If a World Champion can use it, then it must good! Once I had made this decision it was only a short leap to CX bike. I’m happy with my choice and cannot wait to get out and ride it 🙂

I will release the full spec of the bike in late April when it’s finished and race ready.

Sram CX1 for my bike (straight out of the box)

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