Funding Future Olympians and Paralympians Grant

These last two weeks I’ve been really busy, working two jobs (map drawing and bike mechanic) plus training, so I really haven’t had a chance to write this blog!

In December I was encouraged to apply for the Funding Future Olympians and Paralympians Grant from Wiltshire Council as the grant was also open to Sport England recognised non-Olympic sports. Since Orienteering is a recognised sport and I compete at an international level with several elite medals, I thought I should apply on the off-chance I won an award.

Each award is worth £1000, and is aimed to help established, developing, and up-and-coming athletes of all ages. The last two years, only 5 grants have been awarded, so I felt my chances were slim. As it turned out, Wiltshire Council decided they had a fantastic opportunity to really support the county’s athletes, so they organised a Sport and Business Black Tie evening. Various companies from the area supported the evening and in total £29000 was raised. £14000 of this went to the 14 athletes who were awarded a grant, with the rest going towards future funding.

As you have perhaps guessed, I was a recipient of a FFOP grant! I plan to use the money to fund a training camp in Italy, in order to better my previous World Championships results.

A massive thank you to Wiltshire Council, and all the companies who supported the evening (and subsequently supported the athletes!).

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