XC season approaching

The XC season is rapidly approaching. What was, just a few months ago, a part of the training plan, is now upon me and quickly becoming reality. My first XC races in November (for a number of years) went well and I decided to spend more time in 2014 racing my bike around a set course rather than orienteering.

This coming Sunday I will race the Expert/Elite class at the Gorrick Spring Series. I wish I had now been able to race the Merida Brass Monkeys at the same venue in early January, but as it is, I must wake up early to be able to test ride the course at a comfortable warm up pace! I might well make a trip up on Saturday afternoon but I may end up dodging bullets on Ash Ranges.

Photo from Off Camber XC

Photo from Off Camber XC

I have to pop into my local bike shop, Stonehenge Cycles (when in the UK) to pick up some bike parts I ordered and buy more bike parts for my 26’er that now resides in England. I would love to ride a 29’er around these XC races but the 26 is better for me on the twisting turning courses.

The following Sunday will another XC race (Off Camber), more low key and a mass start of 70 odd riders of all abilities, but equally as fun. In November I took the fastest women’s course time but that was then broken in Dec/Jan by a few minutes so I’m out to get some quick times.

The Sunday after that, I will race the first of the Southern XC series events up near Oxford. MTB Marathon Legend (yes, capital L!) Sally Bigham often attends these races, so perhaps I’ll get the chance to race a woman who is faster than most men on a bike!

I had originally planned to take another Gorrick race, a BC national round and another Southern XC to have a 6 week stay in the UK, but G-Sport Brandbu asked if I wanted to spend some weeks building the new season Diamant bikes so I couldn’t turn that down! So my trip is now only 2 weeks long. I hope by the time I return to Norway the snow will be melted in the valley so I can choose between MTB’ing, Fatbiking, and skiing for training.

In November I had had 3 months of easy training and not a single harder or interval session in that time. My legs felt good despite this. This time around I’ve been doing intervals since December and put in 2 months of high volume training (plus a lower month in Feb due to a few issues) so I hope my legs have some better bike speed in them. If they don’t then I still have plenty of time to fix things. My February month has been low volume for a few reasons but I feel the rest has improved my fitness by allowing me to recover well. I look forward to a couple more months with lots of training before knuckling down with the MTBO season.

Warm up - I wasn't smiling 60 mins later!!

Warm up – I wasn’t smiling 60 mins later!!

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