Going with the flow

I wrote this last week, but have only just uploaded photos!

Circumstances dictated that I voluntarily took a half rest day and full rest day over the (last) weekend. Not a combination I would normally take, in fact, as ‘le coach’ pointed out, I couldn’t remember the last time I took a rest day so I should take one. Over the last two months my volume of training has been good, but last week I felt increasingly tired and lacking the enthusiasm for going out in the cold.

I had a physiology test on Wednesday as part of a study at Lillehammer University, but here I hit some problems. I took a small PB by 10 watts on the lactate threshold test, but come the max test and my legs were finished, not even able to beat my 3 year old score. I offered to return on Friday to give the students a chance to get some useable data. On Friday I took a max test PB by 30 watts and a VO2 PB by 12 ‘whatevers'(!) so slightly more recovered legs, but still far from where I would expect to be if I was more recovered.

Thanks to this, it was suggested by ‘le master coach’ aka Hans Jørgen, to take a half rest day and a full rest day over the weekend to let my body recover before I actually overtrained and with an super easy week next week (as part of the voluntary rest!) I hope to be back training hard by a week on Monday and in a better state to train.

I already feel better. But that’s probably because I’ve spent the weekend in the workshop fixing, swapping, and dismantling bikes and bike parts!

HJ Diamant Team 29 - FOR SALE

HJ Diamant Team 29 – FOR SALE

So what have I been up to! Hans Jørgen’s Diamant 29 Team bike has now been returned to it’s original state (and fully cleaned) so it’s ready to sell. The XX front and rear derailleurs are new having only 50km on them. The XX crank (Q156) and XX grip shifters have 839km on them (I used them on my bike at WOC so they’ve been well treated). The cassette and chain were used as an XX1/10spd combo by HJ along with the frame, brakes and forks but I doubt they have much more than 800km on them. It’s even got Stans Race Gold wheels which weight 1.35kg for the pair. I’ve looked after his bike well always cleaning after each session/race so it’s in really good condition. It weighs 8.9kg (documented weight) for a 20inch frame, but this can be decreased with some lighter parts. If you’re interested in buying the bike then send an email to hj@benhamkvale.com (it’s perfect if you are taller than 180cm).

Emily's Diamant 29.1 - NOT FOR SALE!

I have also returned my 29’er to it’s original state but with some changes. Heavier rotors, and trigger shift XX (front) XO (back) – I tried to change the XX back shifter but didn’t know the screw was rusted so as I undid it, the bottom came apart in my hands, which I haven’t yet managed to get working. The shifters are from HJ’s Diamant fully, which has been used extensively and broken extensively! None of the original parts are still on the bike … but anything that was useable I have grabbed. As part of this bike building, I decided I wanted to dismantle his fully … oh what fun that was. With rusted screws a hammer was used to bash them out, never a pretty sight around carbon fibre! But it’s all back together and working no worse than before I started playing. My next job is to play with the DT Swiss forks that haven’t worked for years. If I can get them working, great. If not, maybe I’ll learn something!! My bike now weighs about 10kg which is not so much more from what is was in the summer, so for a training bike it is perfect.

XX and Crest wheels ...

XX and Crest wheels …

All of this is in preparation to build my race bike! Yes, this year I have decided to build my bike completely from scratch, choosing every part that goes on with care to ensure I have the best bike possible. Originally the plan was to buy a training bike and use the same race bike, but I realised we have so many spare parts (3 sets of XX1 cranks, and 3 sets of XX front/rear derailleurs to name a few) that it was silly to buy a whole new bike when I can build one, save some money and create some space!

Being a 'Weight Weenie'.

Being a ‘Weight Weenie’.

Just one word of caution. Don’t become obsessed with weights of individual components. It results in sleepless nights, bike-on-the-brain and a broken bank.

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  1. Eduards says:

    You are cool bike mechanic!

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