First XC Marathon ski race

Since my planned XC-skiing race last week were cancelled due to lack of snow I decided to try something new. So I entered my firs Marathon XC-skiing race, Romjulsrennet. Or actually it was only 23 km so not that much of a marathon.

Tired Hans Jørgen in the last corner before the sprint.

Tired Hans Jørgen in the last corner before the sprint.

Since this race were a classic race I decided already when I entered that I would do the race only double poling, since this is most relevant for Ski Orienteering.

With more than 550 athletes at the start line, -10 degrees, sun, rock solid tracks and fresh snow after last nights snowfall the conditions were optimal for a great day of skiing.

Some of my experiences of the day:

  • When you do a classic race double poling, make sure you at least have better glide than those with kick wax under their skies. Conditions like today you are not having any better glide without the grip.
  • XXL SkiO baskets are not necessary on rock hard snow, only make you spend some more energy.
  • Do not use all your energy in the first hill for so hardly being able to finish the race, especially when double poling.
  • Do not let the guy in front of you glide away. It is easier to stay close behind him than to chase 100 meter behind for 10 km.
  • The best guys are impressively strong the last 1/3 of the race!

I ended on a 23rd position. Not so bad for my first marathon race with such a strong start field. Maybe there will be more races in the future 🙂



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