Everything you ever wanted to know about BenhamKvåle!

Hans Jørgen (IOF Athlete of the Month January) has been asked by Olga Vinogradova (IOF Athlete of the Month December) what he does to help me train and how we both help each other improve. This got me thinking that there might be more MTBO’ers and Ski-Orienteers out there (maybe even some Foot-Orienteers) who are interested in what training we do, and perhaps some little facts about out lives and our route to the top!

Below are a series of questions for you to answer. If we get 20 responses by 23rd December, we will write a special Christmas blog containing our answers to the questions! If you have any special questions you want to ask, then just send an email to emily@benhamkvale.com and we’ll give you the answer on 23rd December!

First up, some questions about our training!






Next up, some questions about racing.






Here’s one we can’t give an answer to yet, but we’re interested to know what you think, because we have no idea!



Finally, some random questions that were surprisingly amusing for us when we worked out the answers!







We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2014 🙂

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