Good start of the World Cup season

The first World Cup round is finished and it feels good to see I’m still fighting among the best. After 8 months since we were competing last time everyone are always very nervous before the first races. I knew I had done my work this summer as good as possible, but you never know.

With a 2nd and 5th place in the opening WRE races in Kiruna last weekend I knew my shape were good.

Hans Jørgen at the WRE in Kiruna

Hans Jørgen at the WRE in Kiruna

After the races in Kiruna we travelled a couple of hours east, across the finish boarder for the World Cup opening.

In the first middle distance race I were unlucky and got a punching card that was low on battery. I started the race very good and were leading my forking clearly the first controls. When my card stopped working I was passed by a lot of athletes and I decided to use the rest of the course as good orienteering technical training, since I assumed I were disqualified already. In the end I were together with some other good athletes and I decided that I should go for it in the “sprint”. In the evening the race was cancelled due to 50% of the start field had “dead” punching cards. The reason were probably because that some touch free control had not been switched off when they had been stored together with the punching cards since they were used in the summer!

Middle mass start

I used the aggression over my not succeeded race on the Wednesday to be really motivated for the Fridays long distance. Unfortunately I were not focused enough in the beginning and lost more than 1 minute on the first loop on mistakes. The next round went much better and again I managed to finish the race very well in the fight for a top position. I lost some time to Staffan Tunis on the route choice for the 2nd last control and ended in 3rd position, 12 sek behind.

Hans Jørgen at the refreshment point

Hans Jørgen at the refreshment point

Long distance mass start part 1

Long distance mass start part 2

Long distance mass start part 3

On Saturday the organisers held a re-race of the voided middle distance. This time as individual start. I continued where I ended the long distance with high skiing speed. I never got the good flow in this race, but made no mistakes and ended again in 3rd postition, 23 seconds behind Andrey Lamov and Lars Moholdt.

Another 3rd position for Hans Jørgen. Photo:

Middle distance re-race

The last race were a sprint. It was probably not the most technical one and the skiing speed became very crucial. I made a small route choice mistake in the end and ended on a 5th position, only 13 seconds behind Lars Moholdt.

Sprint map. Press the image to see the whole map

The summers training seem to have been good and I am were I want to be. After the first World-Cup round I am 3rd overall. The next World-Cup races will be in Gåsbu, Norway in the middle of January.

World Cup

GPS tracking from the races


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