Competition season started (finally)!

After 8 months since the last skiO competition we’ve finally started again!

Last weekend was the first race with number bib, but without any map holder. I took part at the FIS XC-skiing races at Beitostølen. The race was TV broadcasted in Norway and the commentators were well prepared for the two early starting ski-orienteers. Since me and Lars Moholdt not take part in many xc-races each year our ranking is a bit low and therefore we normally ski well compared to the other early starters. But the commentators had done their homework and SkiO got a lot of positive attention. Lars were for a long time leading the race and I were also fighting in the top for a while. When all the athletes had finished Lars ended 2 minutes and I 3 minutes behind the winner, Martin Johnsrud Sundby.

Talking about ski-orienteering on Norwegian TV before the start.

Talking about ski-orienteering on Norwegian TV before the start.

This weekend our season really started. The first skiO races are held in Kiruna in Northern Sweden and all the top athletes are here. Today we raced a middle distance mass start. My only focus were to do my own race and get a good start of the season. So I did and ended in 2nd position, 5 meters behind Erik Rost. See the tracking from the race.

Results from the Middle Distance. With my 2nd place today I am now also leading the World Ranking.

Tomorrow we will do a sprint in the same area before we will go to Ylläs in Northern Finland. Here will the World Cup opening be held next week.

I start 11.41 CET tomorrow. Follow us LIVE and the GPS tracking.


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