World Cup Final: getting tense

It’s all getting a bit tense in the World Cup standings. The final races take place today and tomorrow, and there really is all to play for. Prior to the event I was holding 3rd place overall, with Thomasson in 1st and Hara in 2nd. Close behind in 4th and 5th were Stengard and Laurila.

Today’s middle race saw Vinogradova catch Hara after a mistake and the two then rode together for the rest of the course, allowing Vinogradova to take the win and Hara take 3rd. Thomasson caught Stengard and the two finished in 2nd and 4th respectively. Laurila finished 7th.

These results mean there really is everything to play for tomorrow!

The fight for the win between Thomasson and Hara. Currently Thomasson now stands on 265 points to Hara’s 261. For Hara to take the overall title she must win tomorrow or finish second (if Thomasson does not win). If Thomasson does not take a top 2 place, her score will remain the same. But a 2nd place if Hara wins will see her take 2nd overall, losing 15 points to Hara. If Thomasson takes 2nd/3rd, and Hara 3rd/4th, they will tie for points. Essentially, for Thomasson to win overall, she must win tomorrow, or be 2nd behind an athlete who is not Hara. For Hara to win overall, she must take minimum of 2nd where Thomasson does not take the win.

There is also a fight for 3rd overall. After today, Stengard has gained 10 points (her 4th giving her 10 extra points than her previous lowest score) to get 202 points so far. Vinogradova with her win today has jumped several places by gaining an additional 36 points over her lowest score to have 192 points overall. Laurila’s 7th gives her 30 points (10 extra over prev. lowest) and thus her total score is now 186. I have 216 points which means I still lie in 3rd overall.

For Stengard to take =3rd overall she must finish in 2nd tomorrow. A 3rd place will see her on 211 points. A win will see her take 3rd with 226 points.

For Vinogradova to take 3rd overall she must be 2nd tomorrow. A 2nd place will see her on 217 points and secure 3rd. A 3rd will see her on 212 points, while 4th will see 207 points.

For Laurila to take 3rd overall, she must win tomorrow. Her lowest score is 21 points and she currently lies 30 points behind, therefore she must achieve 51 points to equal 3rd overall. But since 51 points is not possible, she must win, gain 39 extra points and finish in 3rd overall with 225 points. If she takes 2nd she will have 215 points.

If Hara and Thomasson take 1st and 2nd tomorrow, then Stengard, Vinogradova and Laurila cannot take 3rd overall…

So there really is everything to play for!

World Cup standings

Event website

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