Rauhaugen race 2013

The last few weeks have been spent training for an hour every other day or less. The goal for September was to be able to ride down Rauhaugen; the technical descent 10 minutes from Brandbu. Last year when I came here, there were five sections I was too scared to ride. After some months I could ride 3 of those. One section I could ride sometimes but mostly stopped part way when I lost confidence.

At WOC, I realised I lost a 20 seconds on two controls due to my technical riding skills, so when we returned to Norway I decided by the end of the month I was going to ride everything on Rauhaugen. I spent my evenings after work just training one section at a time. A few trail alterations: moving a small root here and there, and clearing the bushes that were overgrowing the trail. After a few days I could ride each section individually and then put it all together to ride the whole lot in one. The first time took about 5 minutes, but as my confidence has grown, the times have come down. Today’s fastest time on the second run was 3.47, but I think there’s still another 20seconds to eek out.

The worst section is at the bottom of a steep rocky descent, where braking is hard due to the back wheel skidding out on the pine needles. Not only that but there’s an off camber corner with a 50m near vertical drop on the right side (fortunately forested) and a blind drop off into another steep descent. It took many failed and bailed attempts to ride this bit!

The video doesn’t do the steep sections justice, but if you ever fancy challenging yourself and find yourself in Norway, then give us a shout and we’ll take you for a spin!

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