Our New Website

For some time now, Hans Jørgen and I have been discussing creating a joint website, and finally we got round to making one!

We’ve named our website ‘BenhamKvale’ in part because we couldn’t agree on anything else, and secondly because we hope to secure a title sponsor in the coming year. But BenhamKvale has a nice ring to it! I think we’ll work well as a team: HJ has all the computer skills and set the whole website up himself, and I am led to believe I will be writing all the posts after the races! (HJ is a little slack at times with his previous blog so I think he thinks I’m going to write about his race for him!).

You can find a lot of information about our sports on these pages: MTBO and Ski-O. If you’re lucky you may find a bit about foot-Orienteering, but with my shoes continuing to enjoy the delights of Svensk Posten (in their 5th month of travel, so I’m not getting my hopes up about getting them back), and with snow imminent, don’t expect much on the foot-O front!

For me, the MTBO season is over. I’m currently enjoying the delights of my local forest that I am mapping before the snow comes. Over the winter, I’ll be able to update you with various skiing adventures, because let’s face it, when I go skiing it’s always an adventure filled trip with many crashes and disasters! HJ on the other hand manages to stay on two feet all the time, so I’m actually not sure what entertaining stories he’ll write this year…

This website will also contain our year plan for 2014 (and 2014 WRE’s), various items for sale, and bits and pieces about our mapping services for MTBO and foot-O. We also have our own map archive, and we plan to upload many of our training and races here (but not all of them or you’ll know more about our training secrets!). Visit http://maps.benhamkvale.com


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