Norwegian Champs relay

In this years Norwegian FootO champs relay Hadeland O-lag had a “SkiO” team at the start line. Our goal was to get in the top 1/3 and thereby get a diploma. With 115 teams at the start line this would mean top 37. That should be possible, even though we probably were the team with the least number of foot-O races or specific training sessions this year.

Ove Sætra ran a good first leg and handed over to Øyvind Watterdal at 18th place. Øyvind started his leg very well and at first intermediate control he was 16. Unfortunately he made a major mistake and lost some time to the finish, and sent me out on the last leg on 33rd place. I made also a big mistake to the second control and was down at 41st place at he intermediate control. Luckily I had a good finish and after a sprint with 6-7 other teams we ended on 34th place. So we reach the top 1/3. Sadly we realised that it was only the top 30 that received prizes.

Anyway we made a quite good result with more than 10 minutes time loss for me and Øyvind. Next year should top 20 be possible.


HOL NM stafett 2013

Øyvind, Ove and Hans Jørgen at the Norwegian Champs relay. Foto: Anne Kathrine Svingheim

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